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      Bright Browser 1.1.0      

      Size:   8.3MB

      License:   FREEWARE

      Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

      Release Date:   2020-04-15

      Submit Date:

      OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10

      Downloads:   613

      Popularity:   Popularity:0/10



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      FreewareFiles Clean Award

      FreewareFiles Editor's Review

      Editor's Rating
      Reviewed on April 15, 2020

      The Bright Browser sets the standard for today's web browsers.

      An exceptionally safe web browser, the Bright Browser has a user-friendly design that ensures internet surfing and navigation is comfortable and enjoyable. At the same time, the developers have taken the initiative in incorporating some built-in functions that you would never have expected.

      Co-browsing enables you to share your screen with friends, the Speedchecker tests your internet speed with a single click, and the Proofreader makes you look... well, quite brilliant. Plus there's a built-in adblocker. The result - a safe web browser that's also faster and smarter!

      Share, make an impression and rid yourself of trackers

      Co-browsing - the first browser to do so, Bright's safe web browser features built-in screen sharing. That's right - no third party extension necessary. Just click the Share button and share a window or entire screen with somebody else to view the contents together.

      Proofreader - write web-based emails, comments, and messages that can be proofed immediately. Ensure everything is absolutely correct before you click Send, and never feel like an idiot again.

      Speed Checker - know instantly whether it's your imagination or that your internet connection really is slow.

      Ad Blocker - Bright Browser lets you instantly block ads and get rid of trackers and, consequently increase your speed... dramatically! No more slowing down when you click through to a website you want to explore unimpeded by pop-ups and slow-loading ads and videos.

      Social media - get immediate access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the sites you use.

      Download and explore the Bright Browser

      At first glance, you'll find the Chromium-based Bright Browser interface to be basically the same as any other browser, although more attractively designed. You have a search/address bar, recently visited website icons and access to the various menu items. Clicking on the Settings tab will show you how different, and how more useful, the safe web browser really is.

      Up top, the Settings menu comprehensively displays a button to make it your default browser, and toggles to turn on/off the Bright Blocker, Bright Proofreader (which you can customize), Bright Speed Checker and Bright Co-browsing. When they are all toggled on, you'll have:

      • Instant ad and tracker blocking
      • Proofreading without having to open another application
      • Speed checking available by clicking an icon right next to your refresh button
      • Co-browsing whatever you choose to share with one or more friends or colleagues

      Underneath the toggles, you'll find access to Extensions, History, and Bookmarks as you would expect.

      The innovative Bright Browser makes web browsing faster and safer and, most of all smarter. While it feels just like any other browser, it offers you a lot more.

      Software Product Description

      Expect more from your web browser with Bright.
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